Sunnie McGonigal

Coach Sunnie McGonigal is married to Billy McGonigal and they have 4 amazing children, Declan, Kinsey, Karley, and Dristan who all play soccer.

She was born and raised in the southern tier of New York State and was introduced to Myrtle Beach while doing an internship. McGonigal went to IUP where she graduated in Accounting and played soccer and once she landed in Myrtle Beach, she never left. She started coaching for the YMCA in 1991 and was hired by BUFC in 2011.

She also coaches the girls JV team for the Myrtle Beach Seahawks.

In 1997, she was awarded Volunteer of the year by the City Of Myrtle Beach and in 2004 was awarded the Coach of the Year by Peppergeddings recreation department. In December of 2016, her boys U19 Mundial team won the State Cup.

She holds the USSF 'F' License, USSF 'E' license and currently is working on the USSF 'D' license.

"Soccer has been a huge part of  life. It has open a lot of doors along the way, made me a better person and created great friendships. I’m so grateful for the sport. I have enjoy watching my children grow up with the sport and have enjoyed helping so many kids head into the right direction from the discipline, hard work, and friendships. I currently coach the boys U13 Lions team and the girls U17 Panther’s team."