Developmental/Tournament Team

The Beach United Football Club Tournament Team is for players who excel at the recreational level and seek a more competitive environment with advanced coaching.  The Tournament Team emphasizes individual player development to prepare players for the Academy level. This is achieved through a competitive learning environment, the Beach United Football Club professional coaching staff, and unique program curriculum.

The ultimate goal is advancing the individual player's development and integrating all aspects of teamwork and sportsmanship.


  • Two days/week at the Market Common Fields.


  • Fall:  August 1-November 17, 2022
  • Spring:  January 18- April 27, 2023


  • All players will need a proper size soccer ball, cleats, and shin guards.
  • A training jersey will be provided.
  • Players are required to purchase a uniform kit (Order Form link from Lloyd's Soccer located in Related Links below)


  • Required.


  • 1-2 tournaments will be scheduled per season.
  • Tournament fees are included in fees.


  • Registration $30 (Non-Refundable)
  • Total fee=$1100
    • The total will cover the fall and spring seasons and tournament fees.

Fall Payment Schedule:

  • Upon Placement: $98 (Non-Refundable Commitment fee)
  • June =$275
  • July =$275
  • August =$275
  • September =$275