We hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for the weekend. Please see important information below.

Through our partnership with the City of Myrtle Beach in utilizing their facilities, we as the club have to volunteer for some of their events. Here is a list of days and time frames you can assist. This event will be conducted at Doug Shaw stadium.

March 12 & 19th

9:30am Men's Hammer (4 volunteers)

9:30am Women's Hammer (4 volunteers)

10:30am Women's long Jump (4 volunteers)

12:30pm Women's Pole Vault (3 volunteers)

1pm Men's Long Jump (4 volunteers)

1:30pm Men's Javelin

1:30pm Women's Hammer

March 13th & 20th

9:30am Men's Discus (4 volunteers)

10am Women's Shot put (2 volunteers)

10:30am Women's High Jump (2 volunteers)

11:30am Men's Pole Vault (3 volunteers)

12:30am Men's High Jump (2 volunteers)

1pm Women's Discus ( 4 volunteers)

1pm Men's Shot Put (3 volunteers)

2:30pm Women and Men's Triple Jump (3 volunteers)

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Thuba at doc@bufc.soccer. Parents, players and friends are all welcome. We really appreciate your support.

General Thuba